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Check out Peaks of Valleys

What if your musical tastes were particularly obscure — at least by most people’s standards — and you met someone who lists two of her favorite musical artists, and they exactly match your own? That happened to me this summer. Pretty cool.

Naturally, we immediately started firing other favorites at each other, and making plans to exchange samples of those that the other hadn’t checked out yet. One of those she threw at me was Peaks and Valleys. I just now checked them out, and I see why she was so quick to recommend them.

Well, also, her son is in the band.

But don’t let that family connection influence you as you decide whether or not to give them a listen. She is no stage mother, and they are no ordinary band. Their latest album is quite solid. It’s held up well to several listens, and I’m seeing that it’s going to a fairly heavy rotation in my playlist.

Their site makes downloading easy (and it’s a steal at $5). I’ve gone one further and ordered their CD, because I was intrigued with their novel jewel case. Do check them out:


Oh, and in case you’re wondering:

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