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Two personal passions in one: Buster Keaton and Pecha Kucha Night – Milwaukee

Buster KeatonA few years ago I participated in the newly-launched Pecha Kucha Night – Milwaukee. It was only the second time that one of these amazing nights took place in Milwaukee. In fact, back then it was still at its first home, the Hi Hat Lounge, on Milwaukee’s Brady Street. I wanted to talk about something so quirky for an audience of mostly 20-somethings that they’d take notice. I succeeded, and had a ball. I chose to talk about an early film genius. The quality of this audio (and my slides!) isn’t great, but I think it still gets my message across.

I hope you enjoy it.

My passion for niche film styles and pioneering directors has recently been rekindled. If you think you’d enjoy reading about more of my favorite, I encourage you to check out a list of films I think my friends should see and probably haven’t.

Yes, one of them is by Buster Keaton, circa 1927.

By the way, if you’re curious about the stunts I reference in the presentation, here’s a terrific 2-minute tribute to him that features all of them, including “catching” a moving car and nearly getting crushed by a falling house facade. At the time of this posting I see that less than 200 people have watched this video. I encourage you to give it a look and uo that number. It’s the least we could do to reward its creator for this outstanding introduction to Keaton.