Who is Jeff Larche?

I consult in digital marketing, with a specialty of personalization and customer analytics. LinkedIn can tell you more. I love technology almost as much as music, film, art and probably another half dozen things which I guess you could discover here if you were curious.

This is my personal blog, and all opinions are mine. I also have a professional blog, but haven’t updated it for years … not since I joined Accenture. I also used to contribute to this blog.

What’s with the header image? It’s a creative commons image with two layers of significance. First of all, I grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and when I was coming of age, it seemed all that existed were trees. I won’t lie. I spent my childhood plotting to get out. The prevailing architectural theme was “log cabin.” I’m not proud or happy about that, but I am undeniably a product of my upbringing. So that’s Reason One for the header photo.

The second reason: The photo is a cross-section of a larch tree. Which is almost spelled like my surname. In the same vein, my Twitter profile is a silly reference to an equally silly Monty Python’s Flying Circus non sequitur about that tree.

So there you go. Oh, and also Instagram, and of course, if we know each other well, Facebook.